About Us


Hello and welcome! My name is Adriane and I am the artist behind Whatknot – Fibre Art and Design. I live and work in sunny Calgary, Alberta with my husband and cat. I have always loved being creative and fell head first into the fibre art world and haven’t looked back! Like many of us, I was looking for a way to keep busier when at home; when I stumbled across weaving, my whole world brightened. Weaving has brought me immense joy and and I hope my work brings you the same joy when you see it on your wall. You will see in my products that I do not have a singular style, but like to experiment and explore many different styles of weavings and colour palates. Recently, I have been enamored with art yarn and have built myself a spinning wheel to experiment with different textures and materials to spin into art yarn. This new joy doesn’t diminish from my passion for weaving, but adds a whole new dimension to the art.

I do my best to care for the environment in my art, and use ethically sourced and sustainable materials where possible. I also use recycled, reused, and or compostable materials for shipping whenever possible.

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