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Whatknot - Fibre Art and Design


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Giglet is an old English word that means a giddy, playful girl. I can't help thinking of that word when I look at this piece. It is simply fun to me and could be a lot of things: an understated Christmas decoration with the sparkle, soft greens and dusty pinks; or it could be a celebration of spring, with the greenery and blooms breaking through the sparkling snow. Whatever it means to you, I hope it brings you a feeling of whimsy and joy.With it's bold textures and soft colours, this piece will always draw attention. 

  • Created with naturally dyed wool, cotton, velvet, silk, merino, angora, and synthetic fibres.
  • 14" hoop

 Many of the fibres used were handcrafted and purchased from other small businesses and includes my own hand spun yarn.

I have tried to represent the colours as accurately as possible, but due to differences in screens, the colours may look a little different in person.